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We are keen on blackjack especially. On OnlineBlackjackMaster.com every online blackjack gambler can find full information on blackjack and other card games like progressive blackjack games, for example; their history, contemporary rules and variations, a lot of advices concerning strategy, description of the most common mistakes when you play blackjack online, free blackjack, no deposit bonus, etc.

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The basic principle of the game of blackjack is to reach a card total amounting to 21 or be closer to 21 than the dealer to win the game.

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Books on Blackjack

Books are a great medium for education and many prefer books over other media. If you are hunting for blackjack books, here are some book names that you can browse for depending on whether you are a novice to the game or a pro.

Blackjack Bluebook II

This book is great for players who are beginning to play blackjack to help them learn the different strategies of the game and to learn the variations in strategies that one needs to learn about. It also has good details about fundamentals of counting which has been simplified and explained very beautifully.

It is also informative about various techniques of play and circumstantial methods to adopt during play. The book features many charts, pictures and illustrations that provide in depth knowledge and makes it easy for beginners of the game to follow what is being told.

Blackjack Blueprint : How to Play like a Pro…Part Time

This book covers a lot of information about card counting, contains different blackjack odds, and does also provide information on fundamental strategies involved in playing blackjack. It explains a lot on the Hi-Lo card counting system developed by Stanford Wong and tells about how to utilize card counting in play to help improve the odds. It also tells about how to use the card counting system to determine the wagering during play.

Although this book is essentially meant for beginners and the amateurs of the game, some sections of the book are highly complicated that it can be understood only by a pro and not the novice of the game.

Blackjack For Blood: The Card-Counters' Bible, and Complete Winning Guide

This book makes for interesting read as it explains everything with a touch of humor on the side. The book essentially deals with card counting and explains in depth about it and is difficult for beginners to follow the book. It also deals with many techniques (nothing illegal) that one can follow to improve the chances of winning at the game.

Professional Blackjack

As the name indicates, this book is for professionals of the game and cannot be followed by beginners. It talks about how winning at blackjack is not a walk in the park as believed by some but at the same time, it depicts how one can be successful at winning in blackjack.

It gives you wide exposure to card counting systems and techniques and the outcome of using card counting while playing. This book has been in print for quite sometime now and will continue to be the bible for many more years to come.

Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art

This book has been written by one of the greatest players of the game, Arnold Snyder and is definitely not for beginners. It includes among many other interesting topics some of the best tricks of the game, many of which were used by Snyder during play. Some such tricks that has been explained out here include multiple decks, shuffle tracking, camouflage methods, team play, etc. Also covered under this book is the importance of card counting and the different types of card counting that one can employ in the game including systems like hi-lo, red 7, true count, zen count, etc.

Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack is essentially a fun game and a skill game as players can improve their strategy and playing techniques.

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Blackjack Books

Million Dollar Blackjack

Among all blackjack books, this one is truly concentrated at the way of getting win at blackjack. The best recommendations, strategies and winning tips are clearly represented for different types of players.

Amazon price: $18.95

Get the Edge at Blackjack

Get to know what card will come next in the shoe! All you need is to learn card counting strategy, which is the most effective for blackjack games, all the details of which are represented in this book.

Amazon price: $13.95

The Theory of Blackjack

Learn basic blackjack strategy – the first really important thing for this game. Your actions now will be made not randomly, but accordingly to strict rules of theory of relativity and blackjack researches.

Amazon price: $12.95

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