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We are keen on blackjack especially. On every online blackjack gambler can find full information on blackjack and other card games like progressive blackjack games, for example; their history, contemporary rules and variations, a lot of advices concerning strategy, description of the most common mistakes when you play blackjack online, free blackjack, no deposit bonus, etc.

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The basic principle of the game of blackjack is to reach a card total amounting to 21 or be closer to 21 than the dealer to win the game.

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Blackjack Secrets

How to improve your chances of winning

Blackjack is essentially a skill game wherein players can use their skills and interpretation of game situations to improve their chances of winning the game. One can do this by following various means and methods that are at their disposal.

There are many ways in which a player can play different situations so that they will reduce the house edge as well as improvise on their chances of winning the game. Let us now understand how one can do so.

  1. Knowing and utilizing fundamental strategy is very important to improve chances of winning. The correct use of fundamental strategy will bring down the house edge to about 0.8%. If you feel that this figure is high, you will be surprised to know this is second lowest for card games.
  2. Keeping track of cards to assess the possibilities of receiving particular cards is another important blackjack strategy that players have developed to beat the odds and reduce house edge. For example, prior to the start of a game, the odds of getting an ace (when playing with a single deck of cards) are 4 of 52 cards. But, when the cards have been dealt and two aces are already on the table, the odds of getting an ace become 2 of 48 cards (because you have received two cards from the deck and two have gone to the dealer).
  3. This principle of tracking the cards has been used in simulations using computers and it is inferred that high value cards are more advantageous to players while lesser valued cards are better for the dealer. So, tracking and calculating the odds of the remaining cards will help in determining to a certain extent the probability of knowing the cards that you might receive in the future part of the game. Thus, you can improve your odds of winning and reducing the house edge to a certain extent.
  4. Another important aspect is circumstantial adjustments to playing strategy to help improve the blackjack odds of winning. These adjustments might be minor but doing them will help improve your odds. For example, if with tracking you know that there are more cards of high value (10 valued cards), then you might re-think about going for a hit when typically the situation would have warranted a hit.
  5. Another way to bring down the house edge is to weigh the odds. If they are more in favor, then bet higher or else bet lesser. Although this might seem as common sense, it is the understanding of the situation that needs to be mastered. But, one thing you need to remember is not to jump your bets when you realize that the odds at winning are in your favor. If you do so, you will draw unnecessary attention of the pit personnel and holds true even when you are playing online.
Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack is essentially a fun game and a skill game as players can improve their strategy and playing techniques.

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Blackjack Books

Million Dollar Blackjack

Among all blackjack books, this one is truly concentrated at the way of getting win at blackjack. The best recommendations, strategies and winning tips are clearly represented for different types of players.

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Get the Edge at Blackjack

Get to know what card will come next in the shoe! All you need is to learn card counting strategy, which is the most effective for blackjack games, all the details of which are represented in this book.

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The Theory of Blackjack

Learn basic blackjack strategy – the first really important thing for this game. Your actions now will be made not randomly, but accordingly to strict rules of theory of relativity and blackjack researches.

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