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The basic principle of the game of blackjack is to reach a card total amounting to 21 or be closer to 21 than the dealer to win the game.

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Blackjack Probabilities

For a novice, playing blackjack with strategy might seem very difficult. But, once you have a thorough understanding of blackjack strategy and have good knowledge of blackjack probabilities, it improves the chances of winning at the game, whether you play at casino online or live.

This is an important factor to playing blackjack as above everything, blackjack is a skill game that needs to be played with a sane mind not just depending on luck to win the game although luck does factor a little in the game. But, to depend entirely on luck is the easiest way to get ousted in no time.

Here is an important list of blackjack probabilities that you can remember to help you understand the possibilities of improving your chances of a win. This list enumerates the possibilities of you going bust (crossing a total of 21) when the total hand value is at different levels and you opt to hit (take more cards)

  • Hand Value at 21 - 100%. No one is crazy to take a hit when their hand value is 21.
  • Hand Value 20 - 92%. Again this is a hand value at which no one would wish to take a chance.
  • Hand Value 19 - 85%. It is best to fight your odds and not to take a hit at this stage.
  • Hand Value 18 - 77%. Again this is a good figure and there is no point giving the house an edge by going bust.
  • Hand Value 17 - 69%. The odds are good if you stand but it is a risk.
  • Hand Value 16 - 62%. Weigh the odds by checking the dealer's exposed card and make a decision.
  • Hand Value 15 - 58%. The same holds good as in hand values of 16.
  • Hand Value 14 - 56%. Obviously, the same is true as in hands with value of 15-16.
  • Hand Value 13 - 39%. It is better to hit as your odds of getting closer to 21 by doing so improves.
  • Hand Value 12 - 31%. Same holds good as in values of 13.
  • Hand Value 11 or lesser - 0% There is no possibility of going bust by taking just one card as no card has a value more than 10 except for an Ace, but that can be used to get a soft total (value of the Ace being considered as one).

The House Edge

Many of you might have heard of the term "house edge", which exists at blackjack online casinos also. But may not know what it is and how the house edge works in the casino's favor in making a profit.

The house edge is the advantage the house has as the dealer gets to play his hand after the players have played their game. So, if the player plays and goes bust (total above 21), the game goes in favor of the dealer even if the dealer's card goes over a total of 21. This advantage rakes in a profit for the house and you can reduce the chances of giving the house the advantage by calculating the blackjack probabilities in avoiding going bust by deciding on when to hit (continue receiving cards) and when to stand (stop taking anymore cards).

Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack is essentially a fun game and a skill game as players can improve their strategy and playing techniques.

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