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We are keen on blackjack especially. On OnlineBlackjackMaster.com every online blackjack gambler can find full information on blackjack and other card games like progressive blackjack games, for example; their history, contemporary rules and variations, a lot of advices concerning strategy, description of the most common mistakes when you play blackjack online, free blackjack, no deposit bonus, etc.

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The basic principle of the game of blackjack is to reach a card total amounting to 21 or be closer to 21 than the dealer to win the game.

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Blackjack Online Casinos

If you are a blackjack fan - learn more about it on our site. And if you look online for blackjack casinos, you will be flooded with options. You can either play free blackjack or play for real money in these casinos. The host of options often leaves people confused as to which the best of casinos is to play.

To help you make an informed decision, here are the reviews of some of the best online casinos you will find on the internet offering a wide variety of different forms of blackjack. The blackjack download will not be difficult at any of them.

Cherry Red Casino

This online blackjack casino provides a total of seven games including traditional blackjack games. The software used by the casino is of high quality making the graphics very superior and pleasurable for the players to have an ultimate gaming experience.

Go Casino

  • Licensed with the Curacao Internet Gaming Association
  • Software from Vegas Technology that has won many top awards including the 2005 Top Casino Software Award
  • Has a wide variety of games on offer with top quality software to make the gaming experience a very pleasurable and exciting one.
  • Boasts of one of the highest Welcome bonuses with the initial 20 Deposit bonuscoming up to about $20000.
  • Low house edge and better odds
  • Highly secure transactions and quick payouts.

Online Vegas

This is again one of the very popular online blackjack casinos with many people thronging to the site to play blackjack games on offer. One attraction that the site is boasting off is the 100% bonus that one gets upon sign up to the site.

Rushmore Casino

This casino has been gaining importance by the day because of its strong bonds that it is developing with the players. This is on the increase because of the one-of-its-kind feature that helps players track their gaming and wagering history.

With this feature it becomes very easy for players to check on the games that they have played and the amounts played as bets with correct details regarding date, time, results and the winnings of the person. The players can also track the transfer and deposit of funds and all transactions in the account maintained on the site.

Slots Oasis

  • Wide variety of blackjack games to provide ultimate blackjack experience to the players.
  • Welcome bonusof up to 400% amounting to a total of about $4000 with a host of other advantages to make the site more enticing to the players.
  • Highly secure transactions and quick payouts.
  • Gaming and Transaction Historyis a feature that makes the site very easy for players to check back on their history and get up-to-date details of gaming history as well as history of their transactions on the site including transfer of funds to and from the player's account on the site.
Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack is essentially a fun game and a skill game as players can improve their strategy and playing techniques.

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Blackjack Books

Million Dollar Blackjack

Among all blackjack books, this one is truly concentrated at the way of getting win at blackjack. The best recommendations, strategies and winning tips are clearly represented for different types of players.

Amazon price: $18.95

Get the Edge at Blackjack

Get to know what card will come next in the shoe! All you need is to learn card counting strategy, which is the most effective for blackjack games, all the details of which are represented in this book.

Amazon price: $13.95

The Theory of Blackjack

Learn basic blackjack strategy – the first really important thing for this game. Your actions now will be made not randomly, but accordingly to strict rules of theory of relativity and blackjack researches.

Amazon price: $12.95

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